International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain


Mobility in the framework of the research project as well as for an obligatory internship to the full partner and associated members is mandatory. Hence, the training consists of four parts:
  • thorough research training at home institution and at least one other university of the consortium
  • internship at one of the associated partners in the health or education sector or in one of the neuroimaging labs (3 months)
  • collaboration with the second supervisor at one of the (full or associated) partner universities (6 months)
  • course program offered in one joint summer and four joint winter schools that rotate among the partner universities

For example, if a doctoral candidate is focusing on cross-linguistic research in aphasia, the best place to do so is the University of Groningen. The University of Trento/Rovereto is the best place for advanced neuroimaging techniques, and the University of Potsdam for early child language acquisition and the brain. The non-European partners are perfect hosts for the obligatory non-EU mobility of European candidates. They become familiar with all techniques and different (English-speaking) populations (children, adults, impaired, unimpaired) under the guidance of some of the world's best researchers.

Candidates focusing on either neurotechnology or on apraxia of speech spend part of their home-time at the industrial partners specialized in these areas in conjunction with a partner university. The partner university for ANT-Berlin and for EKN-Munich is the University of Potsdam, for ANT-Enschede is the University of Groningen.

Please note:
  • Candidates with a European Home University have to spend at least 6 months (or 2x3 months) abroad at one (or two) partner universitie(s) or associated institution(s).
  • Candidates with Macquarie as Home University can be there a maximum of 1/3 (= 1 year), and need to be in Europe for 2/3 (= 2 years).
  • A candidate must visit institutions located at least in two different European Countries.