International Doctorate for
Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain

Successful applicants will be enrolled as EMJD PhD candidates and will receive a grant from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) as an employment contract. On the other hand, EMJD PhD candidates who do not receive an Erasmus Mundus grant can be enroled on a self-paying basis and commit themselves to pay participation costs.
Gross salary
(per month)
Contribution to participation costs
(per month)
Travel subsistence
(per grant)
€ 2.800 (pre-tax)€ 650€ 7.500
€ 2.800 (pre-tax)€ 650€ 3.000

Employment contract

Doctoral candidates on an Erasmus-Mundus grant will be appointed as employees for three years at the University of Potsdam from where they are sent to their home and host institutions. The employment salary (€2,800 per month) includes health insurance, social security and pension rights. The gross amount is not intended as an employee gross but as an employer gross. Therefore, the university, according to national legislation, will deduct from the monthly amount both the employer's taxes and the employee's taxes. The expected average net salary will be around € 1.500 per month. A Doctoral Candidate Agreement (a model is available here) will be signed with Erasmus Mundus granted candidates.
Each year a variable number of fellowships will be offered according to the grants provided by EACEA.

Mobility grants
Travel contribution for Category A fellowships are paid in three instalments of €2000 each, in months 1, 12, 24 and €1500 in month 36 of the program. For Category B candidates a travel allowance of €3000 is paid before the mobility period.

Participation costs
You do not need to hold an Erasmus Mundus Fellowship to study on IDEALAB. Applicants who have been offered a place on the program but were not awarded a Fellowship have to cover the program fees (7.800€ per academic year) through other means. Candidates who receive an Erasmus-Mundus fellowship have not to pay these fees because the corresponding amount is included in the fellowship. Non-granted candidates will have to pay the full tuition fees and will have the same services of granted ones.